Contracting Mechanisms

Procurement Policies and Regulations

The Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) purchases most non-aerospace related equipment and services using competitive solicitations. Non-construction related requirements over $100,000 and construction related requirements over $200,000 are advertised in three newspapers with state-wide circulation and on our web site. Vendor selection is made based on the advertised selection criteria. For items or services that are under the thresholds listed above, we go to Alaskan vendors first and then to outside vendors if the equipment or service is not available locally or at a reasonable price.

Aerospace related equipment and services are generally procured through competitive solicitations, but can be obtained through sole source, limited competition and emergency procurements. The technical specialization, limited availability and immediate delivery requirements for these types of equipment and services sometime necessitate sole source, limited competition and emergency procurements. These procurements are authorized at all dollar amounts. They must be approved in writing by the Chief Executive Officer. Board of Director approval is also required when non-construction related requirements exceed $100,000, and construction related requirements exceed $200,000.

The Alaska Bidder Preference does not apply to procurements made with federal funds, but procurements made with state funds are afforded this preference. AAC does not maintain a preferred bidders list, so potential suppliers must review our web site and read the classified sections of the newspapers to stay updated on our current competitive solicitations.

AAC seeks out Small and Disadvantaged Business owners where possible to provide needed equipment and services, and has historically spent more than 40% of our dollars with these firms. We do not receive Small Business set-asides in our Federal contracts, but are able to support the small and disadvantaged business owner through our aggressive outreach program. AAC is required by Alaska law to pay all undisputed invoices under $500,000 within 30 days, so the small and disadvantaged business owner is assured of prompt payment and limited exposure to carrying charges. In addition, over 50% of both our vendors and sub-contractors are Alaska based, so we truly support our Alaskan roots.

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