Mark D. Lester

Real name: 
  • Mark joined Alaska Aerospace Corporation as President in October 2018.
  • Mark’s background includes over 25-years in the aerospace sector.
    • Served in the United States Air Force as a space systems engineer, satellite operator, and intelligence analyst.
    • Served as the Chief Executive Officer with a military flight training company as well as provided business development, marketing, program management and engineering expertise for mid-market and large aerospace companies.
    • Led engineering and technical support to a variety of missile defense activities, military space programs, and aviation endeavors.
    • Provided cross-functional management consulting to government and commercial aerospace clients.
  • Mark earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Norwich University.  He also holds a Master of Engineering in Space Operations from the University of Colorado.
  • Mark and his wife, Amy, live in Anchorage, Alaska.  Mark holds a private pilot’s license.

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