Payload Processing Facility

Key Features:

  • Two 40 ft x 60 ft Processing Bays
  • Class 100,000 (ISO 7) Clean Room Environment
  • 30 ft x 32 ft Equipment Receiving Airlock
  • 15 ton Bridge Crane with 50 ft Hook Height
  • Temperature and Humidity Environmental Controls
  • Hypergolic Fueling Capability
  • Breathing Air System
  • Hazard Vapor Detection System

The Payload Processing Facility (PPF) is an environmentally controlled clean room where payloads and satellites can be prepared and integrated. The PPF has hypergolic fueling capability with spill containment. Hazardous activities can be monitored through closed circuit television (CCTV) coverage within the Control Room. The PPF is normally maintained as a Class 100,000 (ISO 8) clean room and has been demonstrated up to a Class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean room.