Launch Pad 1

Launch Pad 1
Key Features:
  • 174 ft Tower with Flame Trench
  • Flame Trench Rated for 1.1 million lbs of Thrust
  • 75 ton Bridge Crane with 157 ft Hook Height
  • Adjustable Work Platforms with 1 ft Increments
  • Environmental Controls with Narrow Band Alarm Capability for Temperature and Humidity
  • Supports All Weather Processing
The Launch Service Structure (LSS) is a fully enclosed facility with work platforms that are adjustable to accommodate launch vehicles of various diameters and heights. The bridge crane supports the transfer of stages for stacking on the launch stool. The LSS supports Taurus XL, Athena II, Minuteman and Minotaur class launch vehicles.  The LSS is a multi-use structure and converts from an assembly building to a launch tower. It consists of two structures that rotate open on circular rails to clear the launch vehicle.