From the Last Frontier

To the Final Frontier

Comprehensive Launch Capabilities

The Pacific Spaceport Complex-Alaska (formerly known as the Kodiak Launch Complex) was the nation’s first commercial spaceport not collocated on a federal range. Located about 44 road miles south of the city of Kodiak at Narrow Cape on Kodiak Island, the spaceport is state-of-the-industry and AAC strives to keep it that way. Vigilance, regularly scheduled maintenance, and periodic upgrades govern day-to-day activity. PSCA is situated on 3,717 acres of state owned land, and AAC has authority during launch missions to limit public access to an additional 7,000 acres to assure public safety and security. PSCA is the nation’s only high latitude full service spaceport. It features all indoor, all weather, processing and was designed specifically to provide optimal support for space launches to low earth orbit, sun synchronous orbit, polar orbit, and highly elliptical orbits such as Molniya and Tundra orbits. PSCA offers unrestricted down range launch azimuths ranging from 110° to 220°, and is the only U.S. facility that can launch high inclination (63.4°) missions without land over-flight and the requirement to resort to energy consuming dog leg flight segments. The spaceport, like all U.S. west coast facilities, sits on the seismically active Pacific Rim, and all structures and components are designed to exceed applicable design criteria for seismically active zones.