Roadways are open

Alaska Aerospace Corporation currently has no near term rocket launch operations scheduled at Narrow Cape.

Launch Day Road Restrictions (during Rocket Launch Operations)

Road Blocks:

  1. The Pasagshak Road will be blocked on launch day immediately east of Mile 13, which is the entrance to Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska (PSCA).
  2. The Pasagshak roadblock will be manned 6 hours prior to the opening of the launch window. It will initially function as a check point for all traffic authorized to proceed past the roadblock. All other traffic will be stopped and advised of where the best areas for viewing are. The Pasagshak roadblock will be the farthest point on the road to PSCA that the public is allowed to travel once the area is secured. The Pasagshak roadblock is positioned such that vehicle traffic can easily and safely turn around.
  3. All non-launch associated vehicles and personnel not directly associated with the launch will be cleared from the area beyond the Pasagshak roadblock approximately 3 hours prior to the launch to ensure public safety.
  4. Public notification that the roadblocks have been lifted and normal traffic may resume will be made through local radio stations and this website after the launch as soon as the area around the launch pad has been inspected and declared safe.
  5. Contact information: Questions pertaining to the road closure may be directed to Mike Morton, Alaska Aerospace Ground Safety Officer, by phone at (907) 743-3500.