Waterways are open


Waterway hazard areas are defined with an Uprange Area off Narrow Cape and a Downrange Area approximately 863 nmi South of Narrow Cape.


  A57.4367  N152.4497  W
  B57.4285  N 152.3500  W
  C57.4786  N152.2955  W
  D57.3645  N152.2094  W
  E54.3530  N151.5827  W
  F54.3311  N152.1711  W
  G43.07721  N152.08  W
  H43.09388  N150.192  W
  I40.02592  N150.169  W
  J40.02592  N152.059  W









Restricted waterways could be in place between 11:30am – 3:00pm from 30 July - 07 August 2020.  The exact date and time of restricted water access will be advised via a Local Notice to Mariners. 

An AAC-hired Boundary Boat is expected to be positioned on the east side of the Uprange restricted area near Ugak Island to provide peer-to-peer coordination of near-by vessels. Spaceport Range Control and the Boundary Boat will be available on VHF Channel 6 on days of operations.

Information and representative graphics provided here are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for official US Coast Guard notices and information. Mariners are advised to check with the US Coast Guard and Local Notice to Mariners, as required, to ensure safe operations.


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