Aac Attends National Aerospace Foreign Direct Investment Exposition

Anchorage, AK – An Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) business development delegation participated in the first National Aerospace Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Exposition held in Los Angeles October 26 to 28, 2015.  AAC sponsored a booth in the exposition hall, held numerous meetings with companies interested in aerospace opportunities in Alaska, and presented a briefing on the evolving small satellite commercial market and how non-federal spaceports may provide low cost launch options for the emerging industry. 

The FDI Exposition was co-sponsored by the Aerospace States Association and the U.S. Department of Commerce and was designed to bring foreign investors and aerospace industries together to pursue opportunities for expanding the U.S. aerospace industry.  As AAC pursues diversification and is transitioning from a state-owned corporation to a private sector company, the Company has expanded efforts to attract new opportunities to Alaska and to develop stronger economic relationships with aerospace companies located outside Alaska with the intention of bringing more business into the state.

“The FDI Expo gave us an opportunity to present the unique advantages of doing business with AAC” said Matt Steele, AAC Vice President of Business Development.  “As AAC pursues a more commercial market, it is critical that we present our story to the global commercial industry.”

With the introduction of new low cost launch vehicles and small commercial satellites, the demand for launch facilities that operate cost effectively and provide commercial companies launch assurance is increasing.  AAC is in discussions with a number of companies involved in this emerging market.  As a Federal Aviation Administration licensed facility, AAC is able to offer commercial operations greater launch operations flexibility, launch date assurance, and lower costs.



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