Kincaid Elementary Student Project Features Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska

Anchorage, AK – Tatym Doucet, a sixth grade student at Kincaid Elementary School in Anchorage, Alaska built a replica of the Launch Service Structure at the Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSCA) as her class project.  Tatym, who visits Kodiak each summer, was inspired for the project when she went out to visit the site.  “When I was in Kodiak, we went out to the site, but couldn’t get real close, so I wanted to do the research and build this for my school project” she said.

Ms Janis Reynolds, Tatym’s teacher, said “It is not often that students pick a local Alaska structure to highlight for their project.  Tatym did a lot of research to build this replica of the launch tower.”

The Anchorage School District strongly supports the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum, with one of the primary objectives being to develop in all students the content, skills and practices of STEM disciplines that will prepare all students for future success in STEM college programs and/or careers.  This project highlights the positive aspects of inspiring students to strengthen their abilities to research, design, and engineer technical projects.

Tatym demonstrated innovative concepts to build both the structure and rocket, creatively using crayons for the rocket booster motors, clay for the payload faring at the top of the rocket, and wood and popsicle sticks to build the launch service structure.

Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) owns and operates PSCA, which includes the launch structure used as the model for Tatym’s project.   In recognition of the outstanding work done by Tatym in building this model, Craig E. Campbell, AAC President and Chief Executive Officer, and Jeff Roberts, AAC Chief Engineer met with Tatym at Kincaid Elementary School to view the project.  They presented her with an AAC hat and shirt, as well as a commemorative coin for her hard work in completing this project.  “It is inspiring to see youth excited about technology and interested in Alaskan projects that support a diversified economy” said Jeff Roberts.

One of our core values at AAC is supporting STEM education in Alaska and we are very pleased that the launch complex at PSCA was the inspiration for Tatym’s project” said Craig Campbell.  



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