Kodiak Launch Complex Reconstruction Update

Kodiak, Alaska – In preparation to rebuild the Kodiak Launch Center’s Launch Pad -1 (LP-1) facilities after a recent anomaly, local Alaskan construction crews have cleared all of the debris from the area. The damaged facilities are being readied for repair work that is planned for the spring and summer. The work is on schedule, allowing the facilities to be back in operation no later than December of 2015.

The termination of a rocket on August 25, 2014 in the beginning of flight resulted in significant damage to the facilities around LP-1 at KLC. Engineering inspection determined that the majority of the buildings were structurally sound, but some siding, structural steel, mechanical systems and electrical components needed to be replaced.

“The demolition contractors and personnel from companies like Central Environmental, Inc., (CEI) and others have been fantastic,” Barry King, Director of Launch Operations, said. “They were efficient, thorough and very capable, and thanks to them, we are maintaining schedule and our budget in order to be ready to launch a soon as possible.”

Kodiak Launch Complex, one of the newest orbital launch facilities in North America, will have the latest equipment installed on these facilities, within the scope of the project. This, along with our schedule, is important due to continued discussions Alaska Aerospace is having with numerous customers who are interested in launching from KLC as soon as the facility is operational.



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