Alaska Aerospace releases 2023 Annual Report

Alaska Aerospace has released its 2023 Annual Report.  The report highlights the numerous accomplishments of the state-owned corporation and provides the audited financial results for the state fiscal year 2023.

“The team has successfully navigated the complexities of the aerospace sector, fostered innovation, and leveraged the collective expertise of our very committed and dedicated and diverse team of individuals, working together as a very unified team,” stated Lindsey Knight, Alaska Aerospace Board of Directors Chair.

In 2023, Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSCA) supported several government programs and completed them on time. PSCA continues to work with current and future customers to ensure the success of the spaceport and diversify its customer base with both commercial and government missions. PSCA has positioned itself as a major player in launching satellites into orbit and operates without government sustainment funding. Aurora Launch
Services continues to onboard new employees to support PSCA, meeting or exceeding obligations for offsite support.

The financial position of Alaska Aerospace remains strong. PSCA is the only spaceport in the United States that does not receive state and/or federal financial support. Alaska Aerospace has operated since 2014 on the revenues earned by services provided.

The annual report can be viewed on the Alaska Aerospace website.

Alaska Aerospace is a state-owned corporation established in 1991.  The Company operates the Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska located at Narrow Cape on Kodiak Island.  The Company’s headquarters is in Anchorage, Alaska.



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