Alaska Aerospace Releases 2021 Annual Report

ANCHORAGE, AK:  Alaska Aerospace has released their 2021 Annual Report.  The report highlights the numerous accomplishments of the state-owned corporation and provides the audited financial results for the state fiscal year 2021.

“Despite the continuing challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Alaska Aerospace’s agility to adjust to everchanging conditions resulted in solid business performance,” stated Robert McCoy, Alaska Aerospace Board of Directors Chair.

2021 was a record year.  It was only the second year that Alaska Aerospace supported more than two launches from the Kodiak spaceport and was the first year a commercial customer successfully achieved orbit with the Astra launch on November 19th.

This year nearly $5.0 million was invested in new and expanded facilities, programs, and processes specifically tailored to meet future US government program requirements.  “These federal spaceport enhancement investments ensure the Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska has the necessary facilities to support both government and commercial operations in the coming years,” said Milton Keeter, Alaska Aerospace Chief Executive Officer. 

While revenues were suppressed in 2021, due to COVID-19, the End of Year Net Position remained strong at $85.1 Million.  This is the eighth consecutive year Alaska Aerospace has not received state sustainment funding. 

The annual report can be viewed on the Alaska Aerospace web site.

Alaska Aerospace is a state-owned corporation established in 1991.  The Company operates the Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska located at Narrow Cape on Kodiak Island.  The Company’s headquarters is in Anchorage, Alaska.



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