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Alaska Aerospace Corporation congratulates Space Perspective on its announcement today of developing human spaceflight operations. We are proud that the company plans to conduct human spaceflights from Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska on Kodiak Island. Space Perspective’s flights will take up to eight passengers and crew in a comfortable capsule under a large space balloon. The vehicle, called Neptune Spaceship, is the only near-zero emissions way to travel to the edge of space.

Jane Poynter, co-founder and Co-CEO of Space Perspective said, “Looking down on Kodiak Island and over Alaska will be a breathtaking view from our Neptune Spaceship, and I look forward to showing our Explorers the aurora borealis from that vantage.”

“No doubt seeing the curvature of our planet changes your perspective on life, and experiencing the aurora from the edge of space will be beyond compare,” said Governor Dunleavy in a letter to Space Perspective.

Mark Lester, CEO of Alaska Aerospace added, “We are thrilled to add Space Perspective to the growing list of spaceport customers at PSCA. Conducting space tourism trips is an exciting opportunity for Kodiak and Alaska.” Space Perspective is AAC’s first human spaceflight customer and balloon-based launch operator. Historically, PSCA activities have involved vertical launch vehicles for orbital and suborbital flights.

Space Perspective plans to launch Alaska balloon flights and to the PSCA FAA-licensed spaceport. Neptune will cruise along the edge of space at over 100,000 feet for upwards of two hours. Post-flight capsule recovery will be conducted by a dedicated ship prepositioned in the waters around Kodiak and the Aleutian Island chain depending upon the seasonal wind patterns.

Alaska Aerospace will work with Space Perspective to secure appropriate spaceflight licenses from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), test systems, and refine spaceport operations to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Alaska Aerospace Corporation was established in 1991 by the State of Alaska to develop a high technology aerospace industry in the state. In addition to managing PSCA on Kodiak Island, Alaska Aerospace develops aerospace opportunities throughout the state and collaborates with other spaceports to meet the growing demands for government and commercial access to space.

The Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSCA), formally known as the Kodiak Launch Complex, is a state-of-the-industry FAA-licensed multi-user spaceport. PSCA has been a hallmark in providing low-cost, responsive, and agile access to space. As one of the first launch sites to be certified as a commercial spaceport by the FAA, PSCA has hosted space launches since 1998 for a variety of government and commercial customers.

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