Japan Delegation Visits Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA:  The Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) recently hosted a delegation from Japan to view the Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSCA).  Led by the Honorable Hiroshi Imazu, member of the Japan Diet, House of Representatives and Chairman of the Space Policy Research Council (LDP), the delegation included representatives from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), National Space Policy Secretariat, Ministry of Defense, and a private sector aerospace company.  

This visit followed a 2014 visit to the Uchinoura Space Center and JAXA by representatives from AAC.  The focus of that trip was to discuss potential collaboration between the Japanese aerospace sector and AAC.  The Uchinoura Space Center is similar to Alaska’s PSCA and Japan is currently developing the Epsilon rocket which could be a viable launch vehicle for operations from PSCA. 

“We were very pleased to have hosted a delegation from Japan as we pursue expanding the capabilities and customers using the PSCA in future years.” said Craig E. Campbell, AAC President and Chief Executive Officer.   “The emerging commercial small satellite market has created an environment where international collaboration in launch activities and cooperation in providing low cost launch options is becoming extremely attractive.”  Campbell continued. 

Alaska and Japan have had a strong trade relationship for decades, with Japan being one of the largest importers of Alaskan products.  “As we expand our capabilities at PSCA, it is encouraging to see that the potential exists for developing a stronger relationship between Alaska and Japan in the aerospace industry.”  Campbell concluded.

Alaska Aerospace Corporation is a state-owned corporation established to develop a high-technology aerospace industry in Alaska. AAC owns and operates the PSCA and is the worldwide distributor for RapidEye multispectral imagery of Alaska. Its corporate offices are in Anchorage, Alaska.



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