04 / 14 / 15

New name reflects great service coverage for customers Anchorage, Alaska - The Kodiak Launch Complex is no longer, in name at least. Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC), a premier aerospace company that owns and operates the non-Federal Kodiak Launch Complex, announces that it is renaming the facility “Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska” (PSCA) to reflect the growing capability of AAC to meet customer requirements and its broader aerospace commitment to the Pacific region.

03 / 31 / 15

Kodiak, Alaska – In preparation to rebuild the Kodiak Launch Center’s Launch Pad -1 (LP-1) facilities after a recent anomaly, local Alaskan construction crews have cleared all of the debris from the area. The damaged facilities are being readied for repair work that is planned for the spring and summer. The work is on schedule, allowing the facilities to be back in operation no later than December of 2015.

01 / 23 / 15

The State of Alaska is facing a significant fiscal challenge with the recent decline in oil revenues. The state budget for FY 2016 is projected to have more than a $3.5 Billion deficit.  Today, Governor Walker released his revised FY 2016 state budget, which did not include the $4.175 million state funding request for operations and sustainment of Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC)

This fact sheet is intended to explain what this means to AAC and aerospace activities in Alaska and answer questions as to the future of the Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC).

12 / 18 / 14

Anchorage, Alaska – The Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) will receive half of the $6 million in the Federal Fiscal Year 2015 Appropriations Omnibus Bill (HR83) for state owned spaceports. AAC has been working with the Alaska congressional delegation for the past two years to establish a program to support non-Federal spaceports that provide launch services in support of the national security space program, similar to the funding program used to support launches from Federal launch complexes.

12 / 12 / 14

Anchorage, Alaska – Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) President and CEO Craig Campbell announced the winner of the request for proposals to provide medium lift launch capability at the Kodiak Launch Complex. Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services submitted the winning bid and has been given an “Intent to Award” letter from AAC.

11 / 24 / 14

Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) has signed a five-year distribution agreement with BlackBridge for its RapidEye multispectral imagery. Imagery sales will be primarily focused on the state of Alaska. Craig Campbell, president and CEO of AAC, had this to say about the agreement, “I could not be more pleased to announce our partnership in supplying RapidEye imagery of Alaska to customers. As a new business venture for AAC, this diversifies our portfolio and provides new opportunities to provide jobs for Alaskans.

11 / 03 / 14

During preparation and planning for the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command (USASMDC/ARSTRAT) Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW) mission, an Environmental Assessment (EA) was prepared as required under the National Environmental Policy Act. The EA and the Finding of No Significant Impact were provided to the public for review and comment prior to the mission (public was notified via announcement in the Kodiak and Anchorage newspapers and printed copies made available in the Kodiak and Anchorage libraries in April 2014).

08 / 25 / 14

A test failure occurred at AAC's Kodiak Launch Complex.  No one was injured.  The Narrow Cape Area will be closed beyond KLC until further notice.

04 / 14 / 14

The U.S. Army has scheduled a flight test of hypersonic technology from the Kodiak Launch Complex, Alaska to the Reagan Test Site, U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll. The Advanced Hypersonic Weapon Flight Test- 2 Hypersonic Technology Test is scheduled in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2014. Support areas associated with this test include Sand Point, Alaska.

04 / 11 / 14

In anticipation of a late summer launch from its Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC), the Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) will deploy a rocket launch tracking system in Sand Point, AK to monitor the rocket for flight safety during launch.

AAC hosted a public meeting at the Sand Point School yesterday to discuss local impact of the Range Safety and Telemetry System (RSTS), to be stationed on the East side of the school from May through September.

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